Summer 2019

Poems can wait in that limbo state of revision, until at some point, the poet runs out of time or inspiration. My poem, “Supplication”, is a plea to the muse for intervention, revelation, and an ear for the ‘just right’ phrase. ”Supplication” was published by Cathexis Northwest Press this May in Our Poetica, a Testament to the Shared Uniqueness of the Poetic Experience.

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From my window….Inspiration

From my window….Inspiration

December 2018

“Downwind”, just published in Camas Magazine: The Nature of the West, Winter 2018 themed issue- Fragility. The University of Montana’s Environmental Studies Program’s literary magazine celebrates the landscapes and traditions of art and literature in the American West.

This creative nonfiction contemplates the fragility of health in light of environmental and geological threats and the cultural resilience needed to live with uncertainty.

Fall 2017

Eclipse total.JPG

September 2017

Family reunion and total eclipse watch in Madras, OR. Stunned by the universe!

Upon coming back, a return to school, and as the garden offers its last gifts, I am starting anew in my teaching. Heading inward as the nights cool down, the hours of sunlight wane, and I grapple with questions around how we best learn. 

Snapdragon: A Journal of At and Healing just published a version of my essay, Forgetting, in the Fall 2017 Issue 3.3 of the online journal entitled 'Remember'. I am flooded with memories of my dear aunt as I write to honor her. Go the the Snapdragon website to check it out.