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Adrift at Sea” in Zyzzyva, a San Francisco journal of arts and letters, No. 114, Winter 2018. A look at those that have been lost, found, and how we care for those who need a second chance

Order at Zyzzyva (No. 114 Winter 2018)


Published in Camas Magazine: The Nature of the West, Winter 2018 themed issue- Fragility. The University of Montana’s Environmental Studies Program’s literary magazine celebrates the landscapes and traditions of art and literature in the American West.

“Downwind” contemplates the fragility of our health in light of environmental and geological threats and the cultural resilience needed to live with uncertainty.


A teacher’s perspective on the loss of a sense of security and the psychological effects of the potential threat of gun violence in schools. Antioch University's online publication, Lunch Ticket, Winter/Spring 2018 t




An ode to my dear aunt in remembrance of her passing after struggling for many years with Alzheimer's Disease. Republished by Snapdragon: A Journal of Healing and Spirituality. Issue 3.3, Fall 2017.




'Learning from Doves'

Published in Still Harbor's Anchor Magazine: Where Spirituality and Social Justice Meet  Spring/Summer 2017, Issue 07

Mostar, Bosnia, 2015

Mostar, Bosnia, 2015

'Honorarium Selachimorpha'

A short excerpt from my memoir in progress, published in Obra / Artifact January, 2017 literary journal.

Looking for whales in Ballenita.

Looking for whales in Ballenita.

'Life as Pilgrimage'

An address given at Women of Grace Community Retreat, November 2014

Families preparing for the start of pilgrimage to El Cisne. Loja, Ecuador.

Families preparing for the start of pilgrimage to El Cisne. Loja, Ecuador.

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